Micah (’06) & Emily Collins

February 2020


Change in plans

Dear Friends and Family,


Greetings from Timor-Leste in the name Above all Names, Jesus! We thank God for you all for praying for us during our whole time here in Timor. We hope to continue serving here for as long as the Lord has us here, but right now we have to take a short break from serving and make a trip back to the Philippines.
A few days ago Emily and I were on our motorcycle and got in a small accident. I say small because we weren’t going fast and as far as scrapes and such, we hardly had anything. But in spite of that, when the bike fell it pinched Emily’s foot somewhat hard and caused some pain and swelling and she couldn’t walk. We thought maybe it was just a sprain, but after an X-ray it showed clearly a broken bone leading up to her little toe. And not just a hairline fracture but displaced fracture that needs surgery. Since there are no facilities here, we will have to go to Manila, Philippines where we can find the proper medical treatment.  Emily is allergic to almost all medications such as pain killers or antibiotics and others,  so please pray that the pain and process of surgery will be bearable.  This is her first break so she is a bit nervous, but I told her it just gets easier after the first one. 😉 haha!
Anyhow, just letting y’all know so as to keep us in your prayers. We would like to get the surgery done and get back to Timor as soon as possible but also can’t rush things. Our branch conference is on March 11, but I have a feeling we may miss that, unless things all go well, we will see.  Also our work visa here expires on March 15 and in order to renew they need our passports but if we are not back by then we may have to mail them back to Timor from Manila or something, which isn’t the best idea in this part of the world.  We are also just about to start renovating a building here which the team could use me in, but they will now have to do without…
As you can see, the timing of this accident was not the best, and I’ve only mentioned some of the issues that arise with our leaving at this time. But the Lord is with us all and we will keep our focus and take one step at a time! We are leaving this Thursday, Feb. 13 and will arrive in Manila that evening around 7.
Prayer points:
1. Safe travels and care as I move Emily around
2. That we find a good surgeon to do the job
3. That the medical staff will have wisdom in dealing with the fact that Emily can’t take meds.
4. A good surgery and quick recovery
5. That renewing our Timor Visas won’t be an issue
6. And that the team here will be able to handle all the responsibilities that Emily and I are dropping on them in our absence.
Thank you again for all your prayers!
In Christ,
Micah and Emily