Micah (’06) & Emily Collins

February, 2020


Update on Emily

Dear friends and family,



Well this shouldn’t be too long. After the motorcycle accident, Emily and I left Timor shortly and made it to the Philippines. After some going around, the Lord helped us find the right doctor who also discovered that it may be more than a broken bone but torn ligament in the foot too, the Lisfrancs ligament or something.  Anyhow we had to get an MRI to be certain because if it is torn, they can do a two in one surgery and take care of both of those while she’s under the knife. So we are glad the doctor saw that.  There is a chance that it is not torn, but we will see on Saturday when we get the results. The surgery is set for February 26, Wednesday next week. This week we have been going around getting the different blood work and other tests/clearances that are required for the surgery. Lord willing we’ll be ready to go on Wednesday. Due to Emily’s allergies to some meds, they would like her to remain in the hospital for a couple days after surgery just to be able to take care of anything if there is a reaction to some meds.  We thank God that up to this point there hasn’t been any throbbing pain on her foot, except when it is bumped or something. Thus she can sleep well and hobble around on one foot/crutches and be in a good mood rather than focused on some throbbing pain.
So as you can see all is well and moving forward.  Please keep Emily in your prayers as she undergoes the surgery and the post op recovery and therapy time.
God bless you all!
In Christ,
Micah and Emily