Norman (’84) & Tina Denler

August, 2020


Kids International Ministries Update

I am excited to give you an update about all that has happened at Kids International Ministries these last four months.  It has been an interesting (and amazing) time. It is truly overwhelming what God is doing during this season of COVID.

Ministry Highlights

COVID Lockdown -> No Work -> No Food
The need was overwhelming.

Here are just a few highlights from these last few months.  To read more about all that happened and see pictures and videos Click Here.

* Over two million meals were served.
* 70 new partnerships with Churches.
* Youth Ministry was started (Youth Lab)
* Family Ministry was started
* 200+ students attended youth camps at YMC
* 70 students followed Christ.

God used these last 4 months to transform KIDS into something totally new.

 God’s amazing provision

As I think back to mid February, we were starting to receive notifications of trips to the ministry being canceled due to COVID.  A significant source of funding for the ministry is from people who come and stay at the YMC.  As more and more teams canceled,  I became very concerned.  I really didn’t know how we would survive long term.  By the middle of March, the situation was critical and we were close to not being able to pay staff salary.  We continued to pray.

Fast forward 5 months later… we have had no visitors BUT we still have funding to continue ministry!  But even more than this, the ministry actually dramatically expanded in impacting the communities around us.  How did this happen? God has been SO good and has provided through many who have visited the ministry in the past and are passionate about helping us continue.

Would you consider helping us?  For the remainder of this year it is unlikely that we will have any teams visit and we will need additional funds to make up the difference.  If you are interested in giving click here.

It is interesting…  even with all God has done, when I think about October I get nervous.  We have funds remaining to make it until then… but then what?   Many times I look at things from a purely human perspective and forget about all God has already done.  COVID and the inability to travel will be with us for quite a while.  It makes me panic inside.  How will we survive as a ministry with no teams?  Then God reminds me of what he has done so far.

Pray with us

Please continue to pray with us for the ministry.

  • Operational Funds – Pray for continued support.
  • School – With COVID restrictions and no face-to-face classes, pray for the school.
  • Children’s Home – Pray for the Children’s Home – can you imagine being locked into your home with 50 kids for months on end???
  • Pregnancy Clinic – Pray for the pregnancy clinic…  it is EXPLODING — we are seeing twice as many moms as before COVID.  Pray we can find another midwife.
  • Church Partnerships – as we continue to provide food to local pastors pray this food would have an eternal impact.
  • New Ministries – Pray for the new ministries – Youth Lab and the Family Ministry. God is transforming lives through those ministries!
  • Youth Lab Reloaded – We are holding three ‘Youth Lab Reloaded’ camps for the 70 youth who accepted Christ.

In Christ


Norman Denler

PS.  Here are a few pictures from the last few months…  Enjoy.

NEW MINISTRY — Family ministry – how better to impact the lives of kids than investing in their family!

Youth Lab Camp #5 – The kids in the pool were baptised!

Church partnerships – Over 2,000,000 meals where distributed through our local partner pastors!

Youth Lab – Changed Lives! Over 70 accepted Christ.

COVID – We do a lot of this now a days… Trusting Jesus

Fear NOT – Trust GOD