Norman (’84) & Tina Denler

August, 2020


Ministry Update – Difficult decisions ahead

I wanted to take a moment to update you on some critical decisions we need to make as a ministry and ask you to pray for both the ministry and for our staff.

To say that these last 7 months have been challenging at KIDS International Ministries is a huge understatement – Volcano eruption , COVID Lockdown, unprecedented need for food in poor communities, travel restrictions, lack of volunteer teams, and significant impact on funding for the ministry are just a few of the challenges.  At the same time God has really been working.  Feeding 2,000,000+ meals, youth camps, 70+ students being saved, over 100 new partnerships with local pastors and churches, family ministry started, pastors retreat at ministry center….  and the list goes on and on.  I  believe that God has used the difficulties in the last 7 months to expand the impact of KIDS in ways I never imagined possible.   He has been so faithful to us!

With that being said, I need to ask you to pray for us as we are now having to make some difficult decisions.  It has become clear in the last week that volunteer teams who have come in the past may not be able to come for another full year.  This is especially true for schools, who are setting their schedules for this next school year and are not including any plans for international trips for their students.  These school trips have been a significant source of funding for the ministry.

The impact from COVID at first seemed like it would last for months, but now we see it is going to affect the ministry for much longer.  Since we have already minimized the level of spending at the ministry, it is time to adjust our staffing levels in order to meet the new financial outlook.   This means that we will need to put 1/3 of our staff (around 25 employees) on unpaid leave .  It is a difficult process and we need your prayers as we make decisions that affect the lives of so many staff and their families.  Even though some staff will not work for us, the ministry will do all we can to help them through this time by providing food and assistance wherever we can.

God has proven his faithfulness to the ministry over and over these last years and I have no doubt that He will continue through these times.   I am looking forward to seeing Him work in amazing ways as he provides for urgent needs, but also, in the midst of difficult times, to also expand the impact of the ministry.

I thank all of you who have supported the ministry so far and have enabled all of the amazing events of these last months.  Without you, none of it would have been possible.

Please continue to pray for the ministry and our staff as we work through the effects that COVID has had on the ministry.

In Christ

Norman Denler