Olivia Johnson (’10)

November, 2010 –

My beautiful roommate, Dawn Millier, and I are enjoying stepping on all the crunchy leaves lining the sidewalks in Cedarville in mid-October. For all our adopted Faith moms and dads out there, the transition to college has been almost effortless. We’ve pretty much got it all down– the extra chores, naps between classes, and the thrill of getting a package or a paycheck. Thank you so much for your prayers. 🙂

For all our Faith brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, and other weird relations– we miss you. We root for you all the time, whether it be a soccer game or senior play. Yay for Facebook and Mr. MacKay who keeps the alumni (and the rest of the world) faithfully updated!
We send our love and hugs from chilly Ohio! We’re very happy here, but we’ve sure been craving mango shakes, C2, and sunny Philippine beaches recently.
~ Olivia Johnson  [email protected]

Source: 2010s