Phil (’85) & Jacky Walker

May, 2020


Songs in the Night

The Word of God brings peace

Psalm 42:5 Why are you downcast, O my soul, why so disturbed within me. Put your hope in God. I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God. 
Our friends from Scripture Memory Fellowship in Dallas TX have always supported and encouraged my love for God’s Word ever since I first drove 1,000 miles to attend a Scriptorium they hosted in Hannibal, MO many years ago. How much more now, with me married, with 4 kids and spreading a love of Scripture memory in Indonesia.
It is with great that we in Indonesia are wholeheartedly supporting their “Songs in the Night Summer Challenge”!!!!

Although the project is worldwide, the main focus of SMF is in the United States where people throughout the country are joining them in committing to memorize 5 verses a week geared towards trusting God in the midst of our uncertain times. If you haven’t signed up, you can do so by going to One way we are supporting the effort is to run a Facebook group called “Songs in the Night State by State” in which we hope to help recruit memorizers from ALL 50 states and encourage them in their Scripture memory. Will you represent your state in memorizing God’s Word this summer?

No one in Antarctica has registered, but we are so thankful for so many registering around the world, and are committed to getting to know these lovers of God’s Word in various countries and supporting them however we can, dreaming that one day some from our Indonesian teams will actually travel to different countries to encourage and inspire others around the world. We also have a Facebook group called “Songs in the Night Country by County” We would love to see over 100 countries represented. Do you know of missionaries or local believers in countries outside the USA who might want to memorize God’s Word with us.

Of course our main focus is right here in Indonesia. It is not obvious on the national map, but we are actually about to surpass the USA with having over 1,000 people registered, and we are praying for over 10,000 Indonesians memorizing verses in the “Songs in the Night” program.

Our two biggest strongholds are in Central Sulawesi with Dian pictured on the left and with Nias pictured below.

Please pray for our efforts is spreading a love of God’s Word, even in the midst of this Global Pandemic.

One big goal of our involvement in this SMF “Songs in the NIght Summer Challenge” is to introduce the music of Seeds Family Worship in both English and Indonesian Scripture songs to thousands of Indonesians throughout the country. Throughout the 12 weeks there are 9 songs we will be using from Seeds Family Worship.
This first week, we have Psalm 55:22. Here is the awesome original and here are some of our Jakarta team singing this song in English and Indonesian. . This song has actually been translated into the local Nias and Banggai languages as well and we are seeking to have it translated into at least 10 languages. Are you bilingual and musically talented or do you know of anyone who is who could share with us this song sung in another language?  The 2nd Seeds song this week is Isaiah 61:1
I have marveled many times that I can be inspiring literally thousands of Indonesians to be singing and spreading hundreds of Scripture songs when I myself can’t sing at all. Of course, a big part is God bringing me a singing wife, singing kids and many singing team members.

Recently, we have been beyond thrilled that ridiculously musically talented Daud Pamei and his family (pictured above) have agreed to make Indonesian songs for several Seeds Family Worship songs including Isaiah 61:1 and we are dreaming of ways to help them make hundreds more Indonesian Scripture songs. Here they are singing their Indonesian version of Deuteronomy 31:6 from JumpStart3
I will close with 2 of my favorite new videos. First my 4 kids pictured above singing Ephesians 6:10-12 for Week 8 of the JumpStart3 contest they have been having so much fun doing. and lastly, arguably our most committed 8th graders ever singing Scripture songs (this time Matthew 7:13-14 from Ralph Merrifield’s New Hope Music) in the back of a pick-up truck similar to what high schoolers from their village had done several months ago
May God bless you and keep you safe during these difficult times and may you treasure His Gospel Truth and His Word, spreading it in your family and among your friends.
Thanks for your interest and support of our family and ministry.
In Christ, Phil, Jacky, Phil Jr., Sophia, Joshua, and Jeremiah Walker