Tom & Katherine (Robertson, ’69) Van Andel

June 16, 2018 Updated Info from: Katherine “Kitty” Robertson-Van Andel


I now live in Corona California. I have 4 step kids. I run a Counseling Center with my husband TOM. We work primarily with court ordered clients and we also work with Child Protective Services. God has been mercifully and Good to us. I have a cat rescue and feed 69 cats a day. Half of them are feral. It’s one of my passions in life. One of Tom’s great love is golf.  Mommie Olga died when she was 90-1/2 years old. I miss her. Tom  and I take care of my 98 year old Aunty Gene.  She lives with us and we are so blessed to have her with us. My life at Faith Academy from 4th grade through 12th grade (class of 1969) was some of the Best Years Of My Life! I am so grateful that Kay, (my twin sister) and I where able to attend such a wonderful school.

I Love Faith Academy💖 Thank you for having this place for us to share with others from this school.