Faith Academy extracurricular sports grow with our students. Elementary students are involved in parent-run and club teams for soccer, basketball, and baseball. Occasional opportunities to compete with other schools exist in track and swim meets as well.

The middle school program expands with school-sponsored intramurals in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and rugby. Almost two-thirds of the middle school students are involved in intramurals for at least one sport. Parent-run sports are also organized in middle school.

The Faith Academy sports program culminates with interscholastic varsity sports at the high school level. During the school year, three seasons of varsity sports are available as an outlet for competition and self-improvement. First season (Aug-Oct) sports: cross country, volleyball, and soccer. Second season (Nov-Feb) sports: tennis, rugby, and basketball. Third season (Feb-April) sports: track and field. Faith Academy participates in both local and international tournaments, and most of the sports teams travel internationally to compete with other Christian schools throughout Asia.

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Basketball is a second season sport, running from November to February. Faith participates in three local tournaments, ISSA (InterScholastic Sports Association), and MMBL (Metro Manila Basketball League ) Mansac. Faith Academy hosts the Hardeman Basketball Tourney in January and plays the culminating tournament – Asia Christian School Conference – in February.

The Varsity basketball boys finished second in ISSA and won the Hardeman tournament in the 2014-15 school year.

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Boys and girls soccer at Faith Academy for grades 9-12 is played in the fall from Aug.-Oct. Varsity teams play between 16-20 games a season and JV teams play between 10-14 games per season. Faith competes locally in the Rizal Interscholastic Football Association (RIFA) which is a very competitive soccer league in the greater Metro Manila area. Internationally, Faith is a founding member of the Asia Christian Schools Conference(ACSC) which currently has seven international Christian member high schools from east Asia. Every year, Faith varsity teams compete in the ACSC international soccer tournament hosted at one of the member high schools in Asia. In the 2014 season, the boy’s tournament was in Seoul, South Korea and the girl’s tournament was in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Youth Soccer League

Every fall, from the middle of October to the second week in December, Faith Academy’s youth soccer league is run by parents in the Faith community. The costs are minimal and there are wide variety of ages and skill levels to accommodate all kids that want to play. The league is co-ed and includes kids from ages 5 to 13. All games are played on Faith Academy athletic fields on Saturday mornings.


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The volleyball season is a 1st season sport at Faith Academy, running from the beginning of the school year to the end of October. The girls and boys varsity team travels to the ACSC tournament overseas during the 3rd week of October except the year that we’re hosting

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The rugby program includes varsity and junior varsity teams. The boys rugby is tackle and they compete vs other international schools in Manila. The girls rugby is touch rugby and they compete vs international schools and several Philippines girls’ teams.

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Cross-country is an individual as well as a team sport. Individually, each runner attempts to run his or her best time on a particular running course; as a team the top five individual runners score, with the sixth and seventh runners also often contributing to the overall team score. Boy’s races are 5K (3.1 miles) in length; girls races are typically 3.2K in length (a little under 2 miles).

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Track is both an individual and team sport and involves male and female students from both high school and middle school.

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