Clubs & Activities

Student Clubs and Activities

Faith Academy strives to create a school environment in which children are exposed to many facets of learning that encourage them to become well-rounded individuals. It is our hope that through Faith’s comprehensive curriculum, coupled with a variety of extracurricular activities, we will expose children to opportunities for learning that broaden their horizons and foster an interest that may become a lifelong career path or interest.

Faith Academy prides itself on offering diverse activities that will appeal to a variety of students and interests, providing children with opportunities for growth and learning on many levels. We encourage every child at Faith to find their niche in our school and become involved in the programs or activities being offered. We ask parents to support their children in finding activities that best meet their needs and interests. Parents are also an active part of our activities here at Faith Academy, and we invite them to participate in the programming here as much as they are able.

The clubs and activities listed below are available to the students at Faith Academy. The clubs and activities offered in any given year are determined by faculty sponsorship and student interest. Clubs are subject to cancellation based upon attendance.


NHS is affiliated with the American organization by the same name. It is a honorary
service society which encourages scholarship, service, leadership, and character both on
and off campus. Membership in NHS is both a distinction and a commitment.

More information about joining  NHS

The Tech Team is a skill-building and service oriented club which serves the school and community by providing stage lighting and sound reinforcement for chapels, concerts, plays, and outreaches. A few students from each class learn to connect and run sound systems and stage lights during the first quarter and then accept assignments to serve various events throughout the school year.

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The Academic Bowl Team enjoys great challenges in memorization, facts, trivia, and logic. The team traditionally competes with 3-4 local international schools and guest international schools from other countries. There is one tournament each semester. These are usually in early November and early March.

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Several worship teams exist to serve in the musical ministries of Chapel, Oasis, PHAT, and/or Spiritual Enrichment Week. The teams vary from year-to-year and are not set or unchangeable, so all are welcome to inquire about joining a team at any point in the year.

More information about joining a Worship Team 

MUN is an extracurricular activity meant to simulate the United Nations. It allows students to broaden their worldview by debating current world issues and trying to find sustainable solutions to these problems.

More information about joining MUN(Model United Nations)