Community Outreach

Ministry Days

Annual ministry days get High School students out into the community to show God’s love and occasional missions trips allow longer term experience at helping improve the lives of the people around us. Middle and elementary school students are also involved in ministry projects during the school year.



The All for Jesus program – affectionately known as A4J – is a ministry club of Faith Academy to underprivileged children who live near the school, mostly as informal settlers. More specifically, the A4J program is a Bible club for ages 4-12 that offers stories, games, and activities that teach children about Jesus Christ. The club meets each Sunday morning from 7:00-9:00am. The club season currently goes from the end of August through the first week of December, with a possible attendance of 450 children each week.

In the 2014-2015 school year, we were very excited to have more than 100 Faith Academy students assist as staff for the program. We also had 10-15 local Bible school students who ministered as Tagalog-speaking storytellers and teachers. We taught about who Jesus is and about Faith. Each subject includes four weeks of lessons.

The club is divided into five groups – Kinder, Primary Girls, Primary Boys, Junior Girls, and Junior Boys. Club time is divided into three, 20-minute sessions. One session is a story and song time in Tagalog, the second sessions is an activity time based on the story, and the third session is a game time.

A4J is facilitated by Faith Academy but independently funded. Often we do not have the funds to continue going through the 10 weeks. These funds cover the costs for an apple each week for each child and the copy costs for activities sheets each week. We have faith that the Lord provides for these needs. We have been blessed by some gifts from Faith Academy staff and churches in the past, but are dependent each year upon additional donations.