Visual Arts

High School

Observational drawing is at the core of the first year art class in the high school. Students learn the elements and principles of design throughout the curriculum along side skill building exercises which are chosen to assist in developing their own personal “creative toolbox.” Semester long classes include Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Painting, and Clay. Advanced Placement Studio Art is offered for students who wish to take on the challenge of a year long course with an external evaluation and potential for college credit.

Middle School

Middle School Art is offered to 7th and 8th grade students where they learn the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design in a biblically integrated program. MS Art projects are displayed in bulletin boards, administrative offices, and in the rooms. We have also had exciting opportunities in designing the full color cover of the Student Handbook, MS Art Showcase programs, and a mural in the counseling office. MS Art exhibits biannually at the end of each semester.

Elementary School

Elementary art is offered once a week to grades K-5. Among the topics studied throughout the year are line, shape, form, color, and space. The excellent facilities and materials allow the students to show their creative abilities with style. Students’ work is displayed on bulletin boards around the school.