The Faith Academy Library is one of our school’s greatest strengths. The most recent WASC/ACSI Accreditation Team recognized the Library for its “outstanding library facilities and services to students and staff, such as literacy coaching and research training, to support the broader instructional objectives of the school.” We’re pretty proud of that commendation! Our goal is to function as a resource for staff, students, and the parent community to enhance learning through reading and through the ability to find, examine, and use information for decision-making, problem solving, and life-long pursuit of knowledge.


The Library is divided into two departments: Elementary and Secondary. Our Elementary Library has 18,000+ books, magazines, videos/DVDs, research databases, and music/drama CDs, while our Secondary Library, serving middle school and high school, has 17,000+ materials. We frequently buy new materials both locally and internationally to keep up with the changes of information and with the reading desires of our patrons. While enrolled in Elementary, students have a weekly library time taught by a certified Teacher-Librarian where they have a library lesson and check out books to read at home. For Secondary students, the Library serves as an extension of the classroom with teachers bringing their classes in for research or use of the computers, as a learning commons for small group and individual work, and as a place to find a good for-fun read.


The Library is also open to our parent community. In addition to each student having their own library account to check out books and other materials, each family gets a library account so parents can also check out books for their own lifelong learning or for-fun reading.


Anyone in the world can take a peek at our collection by going to our Destiny catalog. Search for a book or browse our Top Ten checkouts!


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How/when are new volumes added?

We maintain an active program of additions to and withdrawals from the collection. The library staff welcomes recommendations for purchase from faculty and the Faith Academy community. Librarians work in partnership with the faculty to develop a quality collection by selecting resources to supplement and complement curricular materials. Library resources are purchased online through the North American book market as well as locally from publishers’ reps, bookstores, and book fairs.

  • Follett Destiny Circulation System
    1. Online Catalog –
    2. Circulation – automated check-in, check-out, renewals, and holds.
    3. Cataloguing – online classification and descriptive cataloguing.
  • Internet is available for patron use. Please be a faithful steward of Faith Academy’s limited bandwidth as you make choices of what to view.
  • Research Databases:
    1. EBSCOHost (6 databases including MAS ULTRA School Edition).
    2. World Book Encyclopedia Online.
  • Search computers with Internet access: 22 in the Secondary Library and 9 in the Elementary Library.
  • ID: Recommended for checkout.
  • Checkouts: Max. 10 books or 8 books/2 periodicals or 2 music CDs.
  • Secondary Library: Regular books circulate for 2 weeks; Reference books – overnight.
  • Elementary Library: Regular books circulate for one week; Reference – available for checkout.
  • Periodicals/magazines (except latest issue): Circulate for one week.
  • Videos/DVDs: Circulate one week (for in-class and off-campus use) – staff only.
  • Holds: Checked out books can be placed on hold – inquire at the Circulation Desk.
  • Fines: Secondary Library only (exclusive of Faculty) – P5.00/day for regular books & P10.00/day for Reference.
  • Lost books: Cost of material + 15% processing fee.
  • Teacher use: Special due date for anticipated period of use.
  • Information service: Available from the Volunteer Aides.
  • Reference service: Available from the Elementary Teacher-Librarian.
  • Class library use: According to established schedule K – 5.
  • Library skills: Taught by Teacher-Librarian in Grades 3 – 5.
  • Reserve books for in-class use: extended checkout available.

Lamination: Done each Tuesday. Forms for fill-in at the Library Workroom to be completed before 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

  • Information service: Available from Library Secretary and Volunteer Aides at the Circulation Desk.
  • Reference service: Available at the Reference Desk and from Library Director.
  • Class library use schedule: 1) IT Room 2) Open Commons – use Google Calendar indicating teacher name and number of students – teacher must be present with class 3) Conference Room – use Google Calendar to sign up.
  • Library passes: Available for max. 5 students – permission to be indicated with a teacher note.
  • Orientation: Introduction to Library resources and services offered in Grades 6 and 9 and individually for new students and teachers.
  • Library instruction: Library Director works with teachers to provide information literacy instruction for Middle School and High School students – contact the Library Director or Library Secretary.
  • Internet and database instruction: On access and use of online databases, the Internet, and Web evaluation.
  • Routing periodicals: Inquire for Routing Request form and give to the Library Secretary.
  • Reserve books for class use: Fill in reserve form located at Circulation Desk and give to the Library Director.
  • Lamination: Done each Tuesday. Forms for fill-in at the Library Workroom to be completed before 9 a.m. on Tuesday.
  • Teachers should accompany all classes who use the library from the time the class enters until the time they leave. Exception: Teachers may send five students to the library on a pass as long as there is space available.
  • Study Hall teachers may send up to FIVE students to the Secondary Library from a study hall provided they have projects or papers to research.
  • Teachers are encouraged to take the initiative whenever possible in handling any discipline problems when their classes are working in the Library. The Library Director and the library staff are committed to maintaining appropriate behavior in the Library. Your support in this matter is appreciated and valued.