Spiritual Life

At the heart of Faith Academy is a deep commitment to helping students become more like Christ. The school’s programs and curricula are all based on a Christian worldview. In addition, all faculty members are dedicated to helping students become closer to God.


All throughout school years at Faith, students attend weekly chapel services designed to encourage students to continue their walks with God. Each division holds a separate weekly chapel service: elementary chapel is on Friday at 8:30, middle school chapel is Wednesday at 9:00, and high school chapel is Wednesday at 11:00. Chapel services usually include music, prayer, and an age-appropriate message. Students are involved in planning and performing music for middle school and high school chapels; and every elementary school class plans a chapel each semester to share with the rest of the division. Once each semester, an all-school chapel is organized for students, staff, and employees to join together for a time of corporate worship. Parents are a valued part of our community and are always welcome to join chapel services whenever possible.

PHAT (Pursuing Holiness And Truth)

Opportunities for spiritual growth are available outside of the school day as well. PHAT is set apart after school on Wednesdays as a time for students who want to grow more in their walk with God. We have a great time in worship, Bible study in small groups, and usually a game or two. High School students do an awesome job leading the small groups.


High school runs a voluntary weekly youth group called Oasis. It currently meets Wednesday nights, 6:30-8:30pm. it is an informal opportunity for students to meet, chat, worship, and learn. It is also a great opportunity for students to share and is often student led. It can be messy, exuberant, and noisy as well as quiet, contemplative, and thought-provoking. There has been a high level of honesty and authenticity in the faith life shared in Oasis.

Spiritual Enrichment Week

In High School, an entire week is spent focusing on students’ spiritual life. Daily chapels and nightly class meetings during Spiritual Enrichment Week give students the chance to examine their relationship with God and make life commitments. Historically, Spiritual Enrichment Week has been a time when many students make commitments to Christ.

Bible Studies

Faith faculty and students also lead other Bible studies that meet regularly at different times throughout the week.