Side By Side

SIDE BY SIDE (formerly known as Parent Advisory Committee) – This is led by Sandra Hilario and involves a team of parents from all divisions.

  • We desire to plan events throughout the year for everyone to come along and enjoy being together.
  • We desire to support all families especially those new to our community through partner families and class reps where needed.
  • We desire to encourage our staff in big and small ways in or out of the classroom and office.
  • We desire to be a bridge between parents, staff and the school admin when needed, to promote clear and positive communication as well be an effective sounding board for Admin regarding the implementation of new policies and events.
For Questions or if you would like to help out, contact Sandra Hilario at [email protected]


Sandra Hilario (PAC Chairperson) – Sandra is married to Eniong who is the Senior Pastor of a local Church. Sandra also serves in leadership there as Worship Dept Head. She served on staff many years ago as a class teacher then school Chaplain. They have two boys in Elementary school.


Troy Beaver retired from the Houston Fire Department in 2012 and their family now teams up with Christian churches in squatters areas to provide free mobile Vacation Bible Schools for the children. His wife, Thai, takes the programs from the U.S. and tweaks them to work easily with Filipino volunteers. They have been in the Philippines for  4 years with Worship On Wheels growing every year. They have 3 children. Check us out at


Annemarie Colenbrander is from the Netherlands. She is working with OMF International as a nurse in an orphanage and a TB-clinic. She has 5 kids, 3 of her kids are at Faith, 1 in elementary, 1 in middle school and 1 in high school. They are in the process of adopting their 2 youngest kids.


Sung Mi Kim – Is the  Chairman of CMC (Campus Mission For Christ). She has 3 children. Two of them have graduated from Faith and the youngest now in High School.


Seungil Lee


 Ian Sy is married to Stephanie. With 2 children studying at Faith Academy.  His eldest daughter is in MSD and the younger son is in ESD.  Has been involved in the retail industry selling accessories for cars for close to two decades and is looking into the service business in the near future. Currently serves in CCF Bay Area Pasay and is enrolled in ATS- MBA program.


Pita Villa-Real is the wife of Christ Commission Fellowship, Antipolo pastor, Marc Villa-Real. They have 3 sons attending Faith Academy, two in middle school and one in high school.


Tom Hardeman


Peter Winslade


ACADEMIC BOWL – This is made of Varsity and Junior Varsity teams that compete against other schools two or three times a year in an academic quizzing format.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES/TREATS – Birthday parties after school usually held at the elementary playground or swimming pool must be scheduled through the Activities Coordinator and the Aquatics Director at least 2 weeks in advance. Birthday treats may be shared with your elementary child’s class.  Please let the teacher know at least a day ahead when you are sending treats to celebrate your child’s birthday. This is to take place during merienda/recess time.

BOY SCOUTS – Troop 352 meets weekly. There are hikes, campouts, and skills training. Boy Scouts cover two divisions: Middle School and High School.

CALENDAR – This may be found on the Faith website ( If you have any questions regarding the school calendar, you may contact Cherrie Jose at the Central Office.

CHAPEL – Chapel time for each school division is held weekly in Tipunan Hall. Special speakers are invited to address the different topics on the yearly chapel theme.  Students and classes participate in a variety of ways throughout the year during chapel times. Parents are welcome to attend chapel at any time.

CHILD SAFETY TEAM (as of January 2016):

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – Please check your Faith e-mail and the weekly School Bulletin for announcements regarding plays, sports, and other after-school clubs that may be offered.

FAITH ACADEMY COMMUNITY BULLETIN – This is a schoolwide communication sent electronically to your FA e-mail address every Wednesday.  This keeps parents informed of all school activities. If you are not receiving this weekly, please contact the Information Technology Dept. and let them know. You may request a printed copy of this to be sent home with your student by contacting Rita Quimboy in the Central Office or e-mail [email protected].


FAITH COMMUNITY FESTIVAL – An annual community fun event for Faith Academy families to have families interact through different activities. There are games, shows, and food stalls manned by students for fundraising.

FAITH DIRECTORY – The Faith Directory usually comes out in the 2nd Quarter and it will list names and telephone numbers for staff and families at Faith. Each family is given one, but if you do not receive your copy, please check for them at the Central Office front desk.

FAMILY HOME WEEKEND – Two weekends are set aside each year to promote family unity, especially in the boarding homes. No school-sponsored activities will be scheduled. New homework will not be assigned, but long-term assignments may be due the first day following the break.

LIBRARY – LRC (Library) serves as both a school/community resource facility. Students and parents are allowed to borrow and check out books.

MY PARENT’S EMAIL – Every Faith Academy family is issued a Faith e-mail address. All internal school mail will be sent to this address. If you wish to have this mail automatically forwarded to another home or work email address, please contact the Information Technology Dept. for assistance. They are located at the back of the High School Office or you may send an email to Ms. Ahme Asakil at [email protected]

SIDE BY SIDE TEAM – The Side by Side Team is a team comprised of parents of students from the Faith Academy community. The overall goal of the SBS: “Parent’s ideas and concerns are valued and given the opportunity for expression in the life and ministry of Faith Academy.” The objectives are to facilitate communication between parents and to build community among Faith families. You may see the list of the members of the Side By Side Team in the Bulletin Board outside the Central Office.

PARENT LOUNGE – The lobby of the CADD Theater is the designated Parent Lounge on school days from 7:00am to 4:30pm. Wifi is available (ask the IT Dept. for access to Wifi). No drinks or food are allowed in the lounge. No children are also allowed unless accompanied by parents. We hope you find the lounge a relaxing place when you need to wait on campus. Please enjoy!

PARENT-RUN SPORTS – These are sports-related Saturday or after-school activities managed and coordinated by volunteer parents. Grades K-8 are encouraged to sign up for these sports activities usually held on campus. Age brackets are specified in the sign-up forms.

SCHOOL CLOSURE – Faith Academy will follow the closure notices issued by the Department of Education for typhoons or other abnormal circumstances.  Classes at all levels shall be automatically suspended when typhoon signal numbers 2, 3, or 4 are raised. Since Faith Academy is located outside the Metro Manila area, school closures announced for the Metro Manila area do not necessarily apply to Faith.  A text message will be sent to you in case of school closure. Other useful places to check for information are your school email address, Faith Academy on Facebook and @FaithAcademyPH onTwitter.


Elementary School – Ms. Lucille Resurreccion – Ext. 402

Middle School – Ms. Charity Longcop – Ext. 502

High School – Ms. Mars Austria –Ext. 602, Rose Castillo – Ext. 604

TALENT NIGHT – This is a junior class fundraiser for the Junior-Senior banquet. If you have a special talent, plan to try out. This is open to all divisions. Talent Night is usually scheduled in January.

VOLUNTEERS – Faith Academy appreciates parent volunteers for various positions on campus. If you are interested in volunteering, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator to find out the requirements and what positions are available. You may contact Marla Henderson at [email protected].

WIFI – WiFi connections are available on campus. Each device that a parent wishes to have registered for use at Faith Academy will require to purchase a DHCP license at the Business Office which cost Php 500/device. This is a one-time charge (or until they upgrade the school servers in 1-3 years). To register a device, parents need to bring their device/s together with their receipt at the IT office.

Christmas Program – The Elementary Christmas program is always a highlight of our celebration of Christ’s birth.  This program involving children from K-Grade 5 is held at the last day of the first semester.

Filipiniana Week –  During the Elementary Filipiniana week, special emphasis is placed on the Philippines – its land and people.  Many varied and colorful activities take place to help students and staff learn about and grow in their understanding and appreciation of the Philippines.  Parent help is often needed for events throughout the week.

Forgetting to bring lunch – For a one-off instance when a child forgets their lunch, a hotdog sandwich will be purchased for them to ensure they have something to eat. Parents then need to reimburse the school. After that, a student who forgets their lunch will be given a package of crackers.  Parents may not send in money or set up regular arrangements for classroom teachers or other Faith Academy employees/staff to purchase merienda and lunch from the V or the student store for their child(ren).

International Celebration – This annual week-long emphasis focuses on the cultural diversity among staff and students.  School events and classroom activities are a part of our Social Studies curriculum.  Most years, students and staff are encouraged to wear national costumes on one or two occasions during this celebration.

Barkadas – Barkada is a Tagalog word that means a group of friends. Each student is placed into one of four Barkadas, which are a mixture of Grade 6, 7, & 8 students. Throughout the year a series of Barkada activities are held. The goals of Barkada events are to help develop good relationships with a wide variety of people and to build school spirit. At the end of the year, the winning Barkada is awarded the Barkada Bowl.

Christmas Party – The Student Senate organizes this social event which is usually ice cream and cookie dessert evening with entertainment items provided by the Middle School students and staff.

Clubs – There are two days in the week where clubs are offered after school. All teachers are involved sometime during the year by offering a club of their choice. Clubs are optional for students and they get involved by signing up for one or two days a week. Students get the choice each quarter to sign up for new clubs or sometimes continue through in the same one.

CUSH – is an abbreviation for Catch Up Study Hall. It is required for students who have been referred by a teacher. It is not detention, but a time set aside to help students to stay up to date with their work. It happens on Friday after school. End of Year Banquet – The Student Senate also organizes this banquet event. They choose a theme, decorate the hall, and audition students for performances during the evening. Students dress more formally but in Middle School, there is a no dating allowed for the banquet.

Friendship Week – Activities during this week are designed to help students strengthen and make new friendships, especially those who are new to Faith Academy. It is also designed to build school spirit at this point early in the year. Students have the opportunity to dress up according to daily themes and participate in interactive team games on Friday afternoon.

Outdoor Ed – Outdoor Education is a yearly offering in the month of February. It takes place in a series of off-campus locations (Taal Lake, Subic, Corregidor) for a period of five days.  The purpose of Outdoor Ed is to create an experience outside the normal school setting that places students in cooperative learning activities with an educational emphasis.  There is a spiritual emphasis program in the evenings to challenge students to a deeper relationship with God.

PHAT – Pursuing Holiness And Truth is a weekly Wednesday after school activity designed for spiritual enrichment and fun that students are strongly encouraged to attend.

Science Fair/Speech Tournament – This event alternates each year between the Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Expo and the Speech Tournament. The main objective behind this event is to teach middle school students how to answer questions through research.  This research is done both through a review of the literature as well as through scientific experimentation. Both 7th and 8th graders are required to participate so they will experience both events over the two years. Sixth graders observe with a view to prepare themselves for future years.

Worship Team – Students have the opportunity to try out and participate in the worship team by playing a musical instrument or singing. This team helps lead the worship time during chapels.

ACADEMIC BOWL – This is made of Varsity and Junior Varsity [JV] teams that compete against other schools two or three times a year in an academic quizzing format.

ACADEMIC PLANNING – Students may follow one of three separate tracks of study: the General Education Track, the Full Academic Track, or the Student Support Track.  All students are required to enroll in a Bible course and an English course during each semester of attendance at Faith Academy. Requests for early graduation must be submitted by a letter from parents to the principal during the month of August.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT – Advanced Placement (AP) courses in many subjects are available to Faith Academy high school students, depending on availability of staff. A test administered by the College Board is taken at the end of the academic year. A fee is charged by the College Board for each exam (approximately $125).  Colleges and universities in many countries recognize these exams for credit and/or entrance requirements. It is expected that each student enrolled in the AP program will take the external exam in May. Exceptions may be granted by the principal after consulting with the teacher and parent.

A4J – All for Jesus is a kids’ Bible club outreach that runs on Sunday mornings first semester. Generally for High School students’ service hours but open for volunteer staff and other families with hearts and hands to serve.

HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT – At the beginning of the year, typically towards the end of August, StuCo hosts a welcome the students and high school staff go away for 2 nights.This has proven to be a valuable time for students to get to know each other and develop unity.

HOUSES – Each high school student and staff member, is placed in one of four houses for the duration of their time at Faith Academy. The four houses are named using Greek Biblical terms. They are Anastasia, Tharseo, Machaira, and Kaio. The house system provides a vertically oriented infrastructure that intentionally allows for mentoring and friendship building across different grade levels, leadership opportunities for students, and more deliberate pastoral care in our high school community.

Anastasia (Resurrection, John 11:25)
Tharseo (Bold & courageous, Heb 13:6)
Machaira (Sword of the Spirit, Eph 6:17)
Kaio (Burn & give light, John 5:35)

INDEPENDENT STUDY AND ONLINE COURSES – A provision is made for students to receive credit for courses that are taken independently. This allows students to satisfy university or home country requirements that cannot be met at Faith Academy. It also allows students to pursue a special interest.

INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (IGCSE) / INTERNATIONAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT – IGCSE subjects at Faith Academy allow students from countries such as Britain, Australia, and New Zealand an appropriate preparation for return to their passport countries. The subjects that are generally offered are as follows: English Language, English Literature, History, Religious Studies, Physics, Biology, and Math.  IGCSE exams are administered by the Cambridge Studies Department.  All students can apply to take these courses.

JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET – This is a formal event held usually off-campus second semester. The specific purpose is to allow the junior class to honor the seniors. With this in mind, attendees are requested to limit dating within grades 11 and 12. If a senior wishes to bring a non-Faith Academy guest/date to the banquet, they must seek approval from the principal.

MINISTRY DAY – This activity allows students a chance to serve the spiritual and practical needs of the wider community.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY –  National Honor Society (NHS) is a US-based organization with chapters in over 15,000 schools worldwide. Its purpose is to give recognition to outstanding high school students. The National Honor Society chapter of Faith Academy is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization.  Membership is open to those students who meet the required standards in four areas of evaluation:  scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Standards for selection are established by the national office of NHS and have been applied to our local chapter context.  Students are selected to be members by a 5-member Faculty Council, appointed by the principal, which bestows this honor upon qualified students on behalf of the faculty of our school each March.

PARTIES-BANQUETS – These events are intended for Faith Academy HS students. If a student desires to bring a friend or date who is not enrolled in the school, he or she must seek permission from the principal.

PLAYS/MUSICALS – The Fine Arts Department puts on at least two dramatic productions each year – Drama Class productions, an underclassman play, a Senior Play and an all-school play or musical during the second semester.

SENIOR TRIP – This special trip helps bring closure to seniors’ experience at Faith Academy. The class plans the trip, but the principal holds final say over all details. Funding comes primarily from the principal’s senior fees account, but the class may supplement transportation expenses from their account with the principal’s approval.

SERVICE HOURS – Each student must complete 10 service hours per semester in high school. Four hours or fewer may be completed in service to the Faith community. Service hours are due shortly after the October and March breaks. Students who do not complete service hours will be required to leave campus after school every day until the deficient hours are completed; they will also receive demerits and be ineligible for after school activities until this is done.  Seniors with incomplete service hours will not receive a diploma. See Service Hours Online for more details

SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT WEEK (SEW) – Near the beginning of second semester, the Chaplain’s office organizes a week of spiritual enrichment. This normally includes daily chapel sessions, a special speaker and a special day of events.

SPIRIT WEEK – During the first quarter, a week of themed days that encourage light-hearted competition between houses. The goal is to promote school spirit and unity.

Prayer Group

prayer group


“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” – Max Lucado

Come and join us as we pray for our school and our kids!

Tuesday mornings from 7:15-8:30am  in the Tipunan Prayer Room.

Hope to see you there!