Campus Development



We have over 30 projects on our master dream list totaling more than $6,000,000. A number of these are small enough to be covered by capital outlay and our school budget. However, there are others that are a bit larger than what we can handle ourselves. Two large current projects that we need help with are Staff Housing and a new Boarding Home. In addition, there are a number of items we need to complete the new field project. See below for more information on each of these projects and how you can become involved.


PRAYER – Only by prayer will any part of our school projects be realized. Pray with us for God’s provision of funds, wise execution of the plans, and safety in the construction.


ONE TIME GIFT – Has God provided so you can make a one-time gift towards Campus Development at Faith Academy?


REGULAR GIVING – Give to Faith Academy on a monthly basis as part of your regular Christian stewardship.


Please prayerfully consider giving to Faith. If you would like to contribute, you can donate online through the GIEF website. Please designate the amount and choose “Campus Development” in the “Direct My Donation to” drop down menu.

If you have any questions please email Steve Schwarze, Director for Development at:



sm field1


We are humbled and give thanks to the Lord for His amazing provision of the long dreamed for second field! Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to purchase the large flat piece of land (8300 sqm) at the top of Easter Heights. Thanks to another local donor, we were able to complete the first phase (the essentials) of the field. We had the dedication on March 25, 2015 and it was a wonderful day of thanking God for His continued faithfulness to our school. After the dedication, the field was opened for school use.

smfield2smfield3First full game played on the new field




Remaining Works to Complete the Soccer Field


Due to budget constraints, we had to divide the project into the “essentials” (what it takes to give the school a playable field) and the additional things needed to finish the dream. Here are five improvements that we would like to be able to do to complete the field project. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us on any of the items listed below?

1. Bleachers

2. Bodegas & CRs

3. Field Care Equipment

4. Additional Soccer Goals

5. Scoreboard




As we look to the future we see a potential increase in our boarding students and we need to be prepared. Even with no significant change in boarding numbers, we need to have more space. We already have the land which is conveniently located on our property and near the other on campus boarding homes.



Initial drawings are finished. The plan is to have two homes in one building.


Some renderings of the boarding home project




We have the location, we have the design, what we lack is the funding. The cost for this will be around $1,000,000. The facility will be able to house up to 40 students and two houseparent families. In addition there will be two 1-bedroom staff apartments and one 2-bedroom apartment on the lower level.

Would you prayerfully consider giving to this worthy project or directing us to those who may be interested in helping Faith in this way? Please contact Steve Schwarze, Faith Academy Director for Development for more information.


Staff Housing

God has blessed Faith Academy with wonderful teachers – probably our greatest asset – volunteers – here because this is where they believe God has called them to invest in the lives of students and be a part of His Kingdom work.

For many years we have dreamed of having staff housing on our campus. A recent staff survey was done and the resounding consensus of our personnel was that having housing on campus would not only increase longevity but also help new teachers transition to Faith without the additional significant stress of having to find and manage their own housing.housinglot

“Will Faith ever consider providing housing for teachers? As a single long-term teacher,    

I find it very stressful to manage everything – I don’t always know how to get things fixed

or who to go to when something doesn’t work. Living here is hard enough for me and if

Faith managed my apartment, it would be a huge blessing.”

                                                                                          FA Staff Member (2007-current)

The Administration has made this the current priority project. The Lord has given us the land in a very strategic location just to the south of the campus.

The staff housing project would give us 23 apartments – six 1-bedroom (58 sqm / 624sq ft), twelve 2-bedroom (117.2 Sqm / 1262 sq ft), and five 3-bedroom (150 sqm / 1614 sq ft)

Now we are praying about the finances. Please pray that God would touch the hearts of potential donors to lend us an interest-free loan to accomplish this important project. Since this will be self-sustaining due to rent, the loan would be paid back over a number of years.

For more information please contact Steve Schwarze, Faith Academy Director for Development at:

Some renderings of the staff housing project

housing project

The pool parking lot is to the left; the staff housing would be built to the south of the campus.

That’s the road up the hill on the bottom.

staff housing3

view from the south

View from the south looking north. The tower to the left is all 2-bedroom units.



“Unless the Lord builds the house,

the builders labor in vain…”

Psalm 127:1