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Faith Academy has established the Bill Simons Memorial Scholarship to help missionary families who come from developing countries with their school tuition.

The Bill Simons Story:

image1Bill was passionate about education. He and his wife, Flossie, were one of the early staff members at Grace Christian High School, today one of the premiere Christian Chinese/Filipino schools in Manila.

image3During this time he was instrumental in the beginnings of the Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines. A bout with polio delayed their planned move to Laguna province. It was during this extended recovery time that he and Flossie were part of initial discussions about starting a school for the children of missionaries. Bill was elected Chair of the Formation Committee and then served on the first Board of Trustees of Faith Academy. He was one of the five original signers of the papers needed to start the school.image2

Flossie was one of the first teachers when the school began on V. Mapa street in 1957. Their son, Russ, was a charter member and part of the first graduating class in 1965.

Altogether, Bill Simons served 19½ years on the Board of Trustees, most of that time as Chairman.
image4In 1993, Faith Academy named the newest boarding home the William Simons Family Boarding Home.

image5Bill and Flossie were deeply involved in education. They helped sponsor dozens and dozens of today’s Filipino Christian leaders through school. He ended his time in the Philippines as President of Asian Theological Seminary.

Bill passed away in 2012. He always lived with an eternal perspective – he wanted everything he did to be about the Great Commission. At the memorial service in Pennsylvania, his son Russ shared from his dad’s own words from some notes he penned in July 1958: “What is a missionary? A missionary is one who can never grow accustomed to the thud of Christ-less feet on the path to eternity.”

Another one of his quotes – “When God wants to do a job, He takes His love and wraps it up in a man. I want to be one of those men.” Bill was one of the heroes of the faith – a missionary statesman, founding father, “Dad” Simons to so many. Dr. Simons, Lolo, a Godly man, a humble man, a man who lifted up Jesus.


Bill Simons Memorial Scholarship

image6The Simons’ legacy is more than just the foundations of a school that has played an important part in taking the gospel to this part of the world. Bill’s legacy lives on in the lives of thousands of missionary kids that have walked the halls of Faith Academy – “fruit that remains”. In honor of this man and his family who have meant so much to our school, we continue his passion for helping students receive the education they desire through the Bill Simons Memorial Scholarship.

If you would like to contribute to the Bill Simons Memorial Scholarship you can donate online through the “Friends of Faith Donation Site“. Please designate the amount in “Your Contribution” and choose “Missionary Kid Student Scholarships” in the “Distribution” drop-down menu. Thank you for your generosity.