Ways to Serve

Teachers & Support Staff

Commitment to God and missions, as well as a love for children, characterize our 120+ professional staff members. Optimal teacher standards include a current teaching credential and at least two years of teaching experience. In order to work in a support, or non-teaching role at Faith Academy, you need to be qualified and/or experienced in your area of application. Being a Christian school for children of missionaries, Faith Academy considers only those who subscribe to the school’s statement of faith. Staff members are affiliated with and receive financial support through mission organizations. If you are interested in serving as a teacher or staff member at Faith, please fill out the HR Contact Us Form.


Faith Academy’s program is enriched by the many volunteers who assist both in and out of the classroom, contributing to the success of the overall school program. Opportunities to assist in the classroom, substitute teach, and participate in many other school activities abound. We are seeking applicants who love children, and who, by the pattern of their lives, are Christian role models. Luke 6:40. If you are interested in this opportunity, we invite you to complete this volunteer registration form and return it to our school office.

Student Teachers

Those who do student teaching overseas have the potential to be changed in unique and significant ways. They can expand their understanding of the world, of missions, and grow as a teacher. We invite you to fill out our HR Contact Us Form for more information.


Faith Academy provides a variety of opportunities for students to be involved in sports, and a coach is an integral part of the experience. Good coaches can help their players improve their skills, perform to the best of their ability, develop strong character, and gain confidence in both the sport and others areas of their lives. If you are interested in the opportunity to coach one or more sports at Faith Academy, contact us here.