Home Economics Teacher

To provide quality, Christ-centered education for children, most of whom are children of missionaries. To create an environment conducive to learning and teach children basic academic, social, and developmental skills. Educational duties are based on grade level and subject matter/specialty.

Essential Duties of the job
  • Prepare lessons according to curriculum guidelines
  • Give instruction and supervise students
  • Provide assessment of students according to the guidelines given
  • Attend after school meetings and be available for extra-curricular activities as needed
Additional responsibilities
  • as requested by supervisor
Job specifications
  • Bachelor’s degree & Certification in education
  • Minimum of one year teaching experience, preferred
  • Ability to work well with children
  • Desire to expand the reach of the gospel
  • Willingness to work as part of a team
  • Growing relationship with Christ
Courses Offered In This Department


FOODS I Semester ½ Credit

  • This course develops students’ food preparation skills and good habits for working in the kitchen. Students will also gain an understanding of nutrition, meal planning, and principles of working with a variety of foods. As a culminating project, each student does a food demonstration.

FOODS II Semester ½ Credit

  • Prerequisite: Foods I
  • This course extends students’ food preparation and meal planning skills. Students will learn about kitchen appliances, food preservation techniques, and food for special occasions. With a large focus on international foods, students will learn about and prepare foods from all over the world. They will also plan and prepare a lunch and a dinner for invited guests of their choice.

CLOTHING I Semester ½ Credit

  • This course is an introduction to textiles and sewing. Students will become familiar with working with a sewing machine and will learn various basic sewing techniques while producing two garments. Students will learn to identify fibers, yarns, and fabrics through textile studies and will be introduced to design concepts by designing and making a bag.

CLOTHING II Semester ½ Credit

  • Prerequisite: Clothing I
  • This course will extend and develop sewing skills and use of sewing machines through two projects. Knitting/Crochet and the world of fashion (past and present) are introduced. Students will also develop a deeper understanding of textiles by learning about fabric properties, finishes, and care.

Home Economics Teacher

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2 year minimum commitment preferred

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HSD Principal

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