Service Hours Website


This site is no longer being used to log service hours. Please log your service projects through your account on Sycamore.

  • Log onto your Sycamore account.
  • From your sidebar, go to My School > My Service Logs.
  • Click the blue New Log button in the top right corner of the window.
  • Enter the details for your project.


The Service Hours Requirement

Each semester that a student is enrolled in high school at Faith Academy, she/he must complete ten hours of service as a graduation requirement. A student must complete the hours each semester in order to stay on track for fulfillment of the requirement and to remain in good standing for school activities. Up to four hours may be service toward the Faith Academy community. Six or more hours must be service outside the Faith Academy community. These are referred to as outside hours.


Guidelines for Acceptable Service Hours

  • An act of service must meet a legitimate need.
  • This need must fall outside a student’s normal responsibilities at home or at school. For example, looking after a sibling or being a class officer would not qualify.
  • Transportation time to and from a service location may not be reported. Only time on location and active service time will apply.
  • Ministry Day hours may be counted toward fulfillment of service hours.
  • Students may not accept gifts, rewards, remuneration, etc. for doing acts of service.
  • Outside hours must be service outside the Faith Academy community and should not include helping someone with their personal needs to make life more convenient. For example, babysitting for a missionary couple so they can go out to dinner would not qualify.


Reporting Service Hours

In order to receive credit for hours served, a student must submit a reflection form (see the guidelines below) as well as a verification form. These will be submitted to the school’s service hours web page. Actual hours served are at the discretion of the Service Hours Coordinator. Hours approved for service may be limited based upon the coordinator’s judgment. Excess hours served during a school semester may not be carried forward to future semesters but may be used to make up hours missed in past semesters.


A Student’s Official Record

The service requirement will appear on grade cards and transcripts as a pass (P) or fail (F). Students who receive an F for their service requirement in a previous semester will be subject to the school’s ineligibility policy until the missing hours are completed. If a student has any outstanding hours by the end of the senior year, she/he will not receive a diploma. A grade of F will not affect GPA, and the grade will be changed when the deficient hours are completed.



Reflection Instructions

A student’s service experience will be more valuable if there is reflection. To that end, students will write a short reflection discussing their experiences. They should use at least one of the questions below to focus their response.

Freshmen will be expected to write a 100-word reflection. Sophomores will be expected to write a 200-word reflection. Juniors will be expected to write a 300-word reflection. Seniors will be expected to write a 400-word reflection. Note: The online form will not accept the reflection if it does not meet the length requirement.

Possible questions to address in the reflective response:

  • Choose three words to describe your experience and talk about why you chose them.
  • What was your attitude going into your project? Did it change at all during or after the event? How?
  • What was the perspective of the people you worked with/for? How did they respond to you and your work?
  • Did you take any risks during your project? What were they? How could you have stepped out more than you did?
  • What was the best part of your experience? What was the worst? What was the most difficult? Explain.
  • Did your experience impact what you think you may or may not want to do as a career? In what ways?
  • What would you do differently if you were to do this project again?
  • How has your experience affected how you view your relationship with God?
  • How did you see God at work during your experience – either in you, on your team, or at your site?