Boys and Girls Basketball

Basketball involves both varsity and junior varsity teams. Playing on the team develops each player’s athletic ability, basketball skills, mental knowledge of the game, as well as a sense of teamwork and commitment to a common goal.

Length of Activity

Varsity Basketball runs from first week of November through the second week of December. It picks back up in the second week of January and runs through the third week of February (roughly 11 weeks). The JV program starts at the same time and ends end of January.

Selection Process

Basketball is open to all high school students in grades 9-12. Tryouts are held over the course of three days (typically) in early November. Depending on various conflicts and overlapping sports, tryouts may be extended. The Varsity and JV teams usually have 10-12 players. For a person to make the team, they must come to tryouts with a certain level of basketball playing skills and physical fitness.

Expectations of Participants

Players who make the team are expected to attend all practices and games. Valid excuses for missing games and practices fall into the following categories: academic issues, VISA/immigration issues, illness/injury, and emergencies handled on an individual basis. Each player is expected to maintain their academic eligibility in order to be able to participate in games.

Varsity members should attend the ACSC tournament. ACSC, or Asia Christian School Conference, is our culminating tournament.

Non-Negotiable for Participants

Players can be in STUCO and participate in Talent Night, but that may result in diminished playing time due to missing practice. Players cannot be a part of Middle School Outdoor Ed and be a part of the basketball team. A senior will not placed on the JV team.

Challenges/Sacrifices/Time Commitments

Regular practices and Saturday games are commitments that each player needs to make. Varsity players often have one late practices (4-6 pm) per week to maximize the use of the gym. A typical week includes three two-hour practices a week, two games per week (one on Friday and one on Saturday).

Major Events

  • Participate in basketball leagues in Manila
  • Tine Hardeman Invitational Tournament – End of January
  • ACSC (Asia Christian School Conference) – third week of February

Financial Estimates

Home and away uniforms (approximately 1000 pesos total)

Warm up shirt (approximately 500 pesos)

ACSC Tournament* (exit clearances + $250 – $750 USD — this depends on price of airfare and use of air miles for each family)

Teams usually hold a fundraiser for the ACSC Tournament (Free-Throw-a-Thon) at the end of January/beginning of February.

*Varsity teams only