Boys and Girls Soccer

Both the boys’ and girls’ soccer programs at Faith include a varsity team and a junior varsity team. Teams compete with various teams and leagues throughout the metro area. The varsity teams usually have 15-20 games in their season including tournaments, and JV teams usually have 12-17 games. Participation in this sport will require facing extreme elements, with the boys competing during the rainy season and the girls during the hot season.

Length of Activity

The boys’ and girls’ soccer seasons run from the beginning of the school year to the first week in November. Occasionally, one of the teams will play an additional tournament in the spring.

Selection Process

Soccer is open to high school students in grades 9-12. Tryouts are typically held over the course of 3 days in the 1st week of school. The high school soccer teams usually have 18 players each, although there may be more or less players for varying reasons. Soccer-specific skill is important for making the varsity team. Overall fitness is important to demonstrate the ability to meet the demands of playing soccer.

Expectations of Participants

Team members are expected to make a commitment to attend all practices and games. Valid excuses are at the discretion of the coaches. Players are expected to maintain academic eligibility in order to be able to participate. Players need to have shin guards and cleats as necessary gear for the sport. If chosen for one of the high school soccer teams, members will be asked to sign a statement of conduct and commitment.

Non-Negotiable for Participants

Except with special permission, varsity soccer players (boys and girls) cannot participate on a soccer team and also in a first season drama production.

Challenges/Sacrifices/Time Commitments

Teams will have regular weekday practices and Saturday games. Varsity teams may have one late game per week or one late practice. Mid-week afternoon games are possible for JV or varsity. The typical week could include three practices, with one mid-week game and a Saturday game. Saturdays with two games are also very possible.

Please plan to be available for a Saturday game before school breaks. It is very likely that the teams will need to play a league game on these days since many of the games fall on Saturdays.

Major Events

Both boys’ and girls’ varsity teams will usually make one international trip each year to a season-ending tournament. Typically, this will be at the end of October, although occasionally these trips happen at other times of the year due to the ACSC conference trying to accommodate all of the schools in the league. Some schools play their soccer season in the spring, so some years the tournament is in the spring.

Financial Estimates

  • Purchase of home and away uniforms (usually less than 1500 pesos)
  • The cost for the international trips is usually between $350-600.
  • The teams will hold fundraisers for their trips to help with the costs.