Touch Rugby

Boys Rugby and Girls Touch Rugby

The rugby program includes varsity and junior varsity teams. The boys rugby is tackle and they compete with other international schools in Manila. The girls rugby is touch rugby and they compete with international schools and several Philippines girls’ teams.

Length of Activity

The rugby and touch rugby seasons are November through February.

Selection Process

Rugby is open to students in grades 9-12. Tryouts are held during the first week of the season and last three days.

Expectations of Participants

Team members must make a commitment to attend all practices and games. Valid reasons for absence need to be discussed with coaches prior to the missed event. Boys rugby requires cleats and mouth guard; glasses may not be worn. Girls play touch rugby and must have cleats.

Non-Negotiable for Participants

Players should not be participating in any other sport during season.

Challenges/Sacrifices/Time Commitments

Boys rugby is very physically demanding and includes tackling and hard hitting. Injuries do occur and participants should accept the risk of injury. There are three practices a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Varsity teams occasionally play Friday games away.

Major Events

Varsity teams travel out of country sometimes for weekend tournament events. The dates and locations vary.

Financial Estimates

Purchase of uniforms (usually below 800 pesos).

Varsity trips out of country usually range between $350-$550.