Annual Events


This annual event celebrates the diverse and playful community of Faith Academy. The Festival aims to bring families closer together and to celebrate the richness and variety of their values, culture and lifestyles.


At the community festival, families can enjoy fun outdoor games and activities as well as music showcases from student groups. For those looking for a bite to eat during the day, the festival features an array of delicious treats served up by our HS classes.



The junior/senior banquet is a time-honored tradition that is sponsored by the junior class to honor the senior class. The juniors create a memorable evening with a theme, a formal dinner, awards, and entertainment. The banquet is held annually at the end of the year.



This activity allows students a chance to serve the spiritual and practical needs of the wider community. In recent years, ministry options for students have included clearing land for construction projects, running feeding programs, playing with children at orphanages, construction, cleaning facilities, trash pickup, leading Bible lessons and songs, and painting at schools and ministry centers.



Student Council typically organizes one banquet each semester. One banquet in each school year is on campus while the other banquet is usually off campus at a venue. All High School students are invited to purchase tickets and attend the banquets.. Students typically have one traditional banquet where guys ask the girls and one “Sadie Hawkins” banquet where the girls ask the guys. Banquet attire can be from semi-formal to formal. Banquets include dinner and dessert, and often there are live performances from students as well as fun games. Students have fun with their friends, eat good food, and make great memories.



The high school puts on at least two dramatic productions each year – the Senior Play and an all-school play or musical during second semester. Recent plays include “A Murder is Announced,” “A Stone in the Road,” “The Groom Has Cold Feet,” and “The Curious Savage.” Recent musicals include “Into the Woods,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Beauty and The Beast,” “Annie,” and “Fiddler on the Roof.”



Spirit week is a weeklong event at the beginning of the year to promote school spirit and class unity. Student Council officers plan games, activities, class vs. class events and themed dress up days where students are allowed to be out of uniform in accordance with that day’s theme. Past themed days include: Mythical Day, Nerd Day, Old School Day, and many more. Each year’s Spirit week themes are approved by the administration.



Students in all divisions are encouraged to audition for this all-school event. Talent Night includes students and staff demonstrating their skills (and humor) through singing, dancing, skits, instrumental performance, and a variety of other acts. This is a junior class fundraiser for the Junior-Senior banquet.

Friendship Week
Activities during this week are designed to help students strengthen and make new friendships, especially those who are new to Faith Academy. It is also designed to build school spirit at this point early in the year. Students have the opportunity to dress up according to daily themes and participate in interactive team games on Friday afternoon.

Christmas Party
The Student Senate organizes this social event which is usually an ice cream and cookie dessert evening with entertainment items provided by the Middle School students and staff.

Outdoor Ed
Outdoor Education<link to outdoor ed page> is a yearly offering in the month of February. It takes place in a series of off-campus locations for a period of five days. The purpose of Outdoor Ed is to create an experience outside the normal school setting that places students in cooperative learning activities with an educational emphasis. There is a spiritual emphasis program in the evenings to challenge students to have a deeper relationship with God. An adult squad leader is assigned to each squad of 7 to 12 students. The overall ratio of adults to students is more than one adult for every 5 students.

Science Fair/Speech Tournament
This event alternates each year between the S.T.E.M. Expo and the Speech Tournament. Both 7th and 8th graders are required to participate, so they will experience both events over the two years. Sixth graders observe with a view to prepare themselves for future years.

End of Year Banquet
The Student Senate organizes this event, choosing a theme, decorating the hall, and auditioning students for performances during the evening. Students dress more formally, but in Middle School we do not allow dating for the banquet.

Each student is placed into one of four Barkadas, which are a mixture of grade 6, 7, & 8 students. Throughout the year, a series of Barkada activities are held. Many of these are competitions for Barkada points and some are for social interaction. The goals of Barkada events are to help develop good relationships with a wide variety of people and to build school spirit. At the end of the year, the winning Barkada is awarded the Barkada Bowl.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties can be held after school on the elementary playground or swimming pool. These must be scheduled through the Activities Coordinator and the aquatics director at least two weeks in advance.   


Birthday treats may be shared with your child’s class. Please let the teacher know at least one day ahead when you are sending treats to celebrate your child’s birthday. This is to take place during merienda/recess time.

Christmas Program

The Elementary Christmas program is always a highlight of our celebration of Christ’s birth. This program, involving children in K-grade 5 is held the last day of the semester.


During the elementary Filipiniana week, special emphasis is placed on the Philippines – its land and people. Many varied and colorful activities take place to help students and staff learn about and grow in their understanding and appreciation of the Philippines.  Parent help is often needed for events throughout the week. (October)

International Celebration

This annual week-long celebration focuses on the cultural diversity among staff and students. School events and classroom activities are part of our Social Studies curriculum.  Most years, students and staff are encouraged to wear national costumes on one or two occasions during this celebration. (February)

Literacy Day

In the latter part of the year, the elementary division celebrates literacy and the gifts of reading, writing, and communicating. The day usually begins with a character parade. All students and staff are invited to come to school dressed as a character from a book they have read or had read to them. Throughout the day, a variety of activities take place around literacy including a division-wide Read-In. (May)