Academic Bowl Team

The Academic Bowl Team enjoys great challenges in memorization, facts, trivia, and logic. The team traditionally competes with 3-4 local international schools and guest international schools from other countries. There is one tournament each semester. These are usually in early November and early March.

Length of Activity

Six to eight weeks prior to each of the two tournaments

Selection Process

The final selection of players will be based on the following:

1) grade level (the higher the grade, the higher the preference)

2) regularity of attendance at practices

3) performance in practices (if necessary)

Expectation for Participants

Participants will be required to attend a majority of the practices, which will occur at lunch or after school in the six- to eight-week window before each tournament.

Non-Negotiable for Participants

At this time there are no “non-negotiable” obligations for this activity.

Challenges/Sacrifices/Time Commitment

Team members may participate in other school activities during this time, but attendance at academic bowl practices will be a factor in making the final cuts for the ten team members. On the day of each tournament, team members will be gone from an entire school day of classes. If the tournament is hosted at another school, then team members will also miss after-school activities and practices on that day.

Major Events

There will be one tournament each semester, most likely in early November and early March.

Financial Obligation