Worship Team

Several student worship teams exist to serve in the musical ministries of HSD and MSD Chapels, Oasis, PHAT, and/or Spiritual Enrichment Week. The teams vary from year-to-year and are not set or unchangeable, so all are welcome to inquire about joining a team at any point in the year.

Length of Activity

The worship team serves the student body throughout the year, usually on a rotating basis set up by the chaplain and/or teacher for Creative Worship. While it is ideal to have students who can serve the entire year, it is understandable that some students may be “seasonal” based upon other extra-curricular commitments.

Selection Process


For Middle School, chapel students audition to join the Worship Team as part of a club. it is a semester-long commitment and they will be part of a team that will have a rotation schedule during the semester. Rehearsals are held Mondays 2:45 pm to 4pm.

When Creative Worship is offered as a course in High School, those students are automatically on chapel team rotation for their semester as part of the course. Others interested in joining need to talk to the teacher of Creative Worship so that teams can be arranged based on availability of chapel rotation slot after the creative worship team has been scheduled. Any student who has completed Creative Worship and has remained in good standing academically and spiritually is eligible to continue leading worship for any or all of the above venues. Watch for announcements about team sign-ups at the beginning of each semester.

If no teacher exists for Creative Worship, the High School chaplain will post information about how worship teams will be selected for that year.

Non-Negotiable Qualifications for Participants

  • A growing relationship in Christ
  • A servant’s attitude
  • Regular personal worship time
  • Willing to be flexible and able to work on a team
  • Attendance at all practices before chapel
  • Academically eligible

Note: if any of these items come into question, the advisor for worship teams/Creative Worship teacher or chaplain, has the right to dismiss students from a team either for a short time or permanently. It is unwise to have students leading in a season of struggle or poor academic performance.


Scheduling practices for the teams that are not currently enrolled in Creative Worship is often a challenge. If transportation to and from Faith is difficult, this should be considered before a student joins a team, since many after-school rehearsals happen after the 4:30 buses leave. Rehearsals for Oasis are typically the Tuesday and/or Wednesday of the week of Oasis. Rehearsals for other chapel bands not in the class often happen from 4:30-6 pm on a Tuesday, 2:30-4 pm on a Monday or Thursday, or at any point when the students can all meet, such as 8th period.

Major Events

Chapel, Oasis, SEW, All-Worship Chapels

Financial Obligations

None, however guitarists and other portable personal instruments (wind instruments, orchestral instruments, percussion, etc.) are encouraged to have all their own equipment since Faith cannot promise the availability of a guitar or other portable personal instruments for each person.