Tech Team


The Tech Team is a skill-building and service-oriented club which serves the school and community by providing stage lighting and sound reinforcement for chapels, concerts, plays, and outreaches. A few students from each class learn to connect and run sound systems and stage lights during the first quarter and then accept assignments to serve various events throughout the school year.

Length of Activity

The Tech team involvement lasts all year long but the time commitment varies. From August to October there is planned training on Monday and Wednesday from 2-4 pm. There are then scheduled times for service throughout the year at various events.

Selection Process

All students are welcome to attend training sessions. The numbers of students will be thinned by skill and knowledge testing as we go. Invitations to participate in stage productions will be based on demonstrated competence.

Expectations of Participants

Each person on the Tech team must attend all training sessions. Students then need to be availability for regular service in high school chapel and occasional stage productions.

Students must also commit to the reading of instructional materials on their own with mastery checks in group sessions.

Non-Negotiable for Participants


Challenges/Sacrifices/Time Commitments

Students who are part of the Tech team need to be self-motivated to read and study on their own. Tech team members must also recognize that long hours after school are required in the two weeks before a music or drama production.

Major Events

Weekly chapels

Stage productions (usually 2-3 per year)

End of semester music concerts

Financial estimates