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Our school’s boarding program goes beyond a traditional dorm experience by seeking to provide a home-style atmosphere. On our campus we have three boarding homes, and one couple who lives in each with their own family. The goal for boarding at Faith Academy is to create a nurturing home for boarding students to feel accepted and to be a place where they can grow.

Our boarding home students and dorm parent families live together as a large family in each home, eating meals together, working on homework, enjoying extracurricular activities and church, and caring for each other.

We have students from many different cultures, bonding together as a multi-cultural family, creating a community of respect, understanding and love. Boarding students at Faith Academy receive a unique opportunity to call our campus the place they live – but it is more than that – it is a place to call home.

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Common Boarding Questions

Faith Academy primarily ministers to missionary families; therefore, students of missionaries will be given priority. Missions providing staff at Faith Academy are also given priority, as well as siblings of the current or past boarders. Other students not in any of the above categories will be accepted as space is available.

The provision of boarding is for those families who reside outside of the Metro Manila area and are not on one of the Faith Academy van routes. Normally, children whose parents are on furlough/home assignment are not accepted in the boarding homes. They may be admitted to Faith Academy as day students until their parents return to the field, as long as the school is made aware of specific guardians. However, some special exceptions for admission into boarding may be made on a case by case basis.

After your student’s academic application has been accepted, you may apply for boarding during the enrollment process.

The majority of our boarders are high school students. Middle school students in grades 7 or 8 may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. We do not accept anyone below grade 7.

Each boarding home is unique. We have one all-girls’ home, one all-boys’ home, and one home that can be co-ed if numbers require. The students live together as a large family in each home, working together, eating together, and caring for each other. 

The ratio of each dorm is one adult to every ten children, including the children of the boarding home parents. Each boarding home has 12-20 students who share the 5 bedrooms prepared for them. 

We have students from many different cultures, but bonding together as a multi-cultural family takes time and adjustment. It is important that students come with a willingness to be flexible and to learn how to adapt to new friends, schedules, responsibilities, and cultures. It is not easy to be separated from family, but our goal is that by providing a home that is loving and nurturing, and with parents’ prayers and support, we can help their children achieve their fullest potential.

Due to the group living dynamic, students with special needs, learning challenges, medical, emotional, or behavioral issues may struggle living in a boarding home. It is important that parents disclose this information in the application process in order to help make the best decision for the student.

A student will be allowed to drive only when the following has been submitted:

  1. A signed letter from the parent to accept full responsibility and liability in case of an accident.
  2. The student’s valid Philippine driver’s license.
  3. A letter of consent from the owner of the vehicle/motorcycle.

We understand that boarding students are somewhat limited in their transportation options. In some circumstances Boarding Home Parents do not feel comfortable allowing students to drive a car or ride with a student driver. Please be aware that Boarding Home Parents reserve the right to exercise individual discretion in decisions related to transportation.

The student’s parents may give their specific permissions for dating, however, the following are our boarding guidelines for dating:

  1. No dating in Middle School.
  2. Grade 9 may group date (3 or more couples)
  3. Grade 10 may double date (2 couples)
  4. Grade 11 & 12 may single date.
  5. Grade 12 may date a person not attending FA on a case by case basis with parental input.
  6. Dating outings must be approved by boarding parents.
  7. No dating couples may reside in the same home.

Parents may give their specific permissions, however, students in boarding at Faith Academy are not permitted to watch or attend ANY TYPE of “R” rated movie. We are aware that ratings are not always consistent, therefore while your child is under our care the boarding home parents will have the final say on movie approval.

Internet access that is purely social and unrelated to school work is limited during off-school hours. Devices must be kept in common areas.

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