Boarding Information

Faith Academy boarding partners with Christian families serving throughout Asia. The boarding department provides parental care in a Christian, home-like environment based on the word of God, where the educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of young people can be met.

Our ministry is parental in nature, therefore, we strive to work together with parents in guiding and nurturing the young people living in our homes by embracing the following values:



To provide a home-like environment where relationships can be developed and love fostered as students and boarding home parents spend time together.


To model Godly character and provide opportunities where Christ-like values can flourish.


To be a prayer advocate for our students and their parents in their various ministries/work. To encourage the students to develop their own personal prayer life.


To nurture and demonstrate a respectful attitude for others. To teach and model good stewardship of our homes and property.


To be intentional with students and all those involved in their boarding experience.


To encourage, monitor, and assist our students to be successful in their academic progress.


Boarding Acceptance Guidelines

  1. The ratio of each dorm is one adult to every ten children, including the children of the boarding home parents.

  2. Faith Academy primarily ministers to missionary families; therefore, students of missionaries will be given priority. Missions providing staff at Faith Academy are also given priority, as well as siblings of the current or past boarders.  Other students not in any of the above categories will be accepted as space is available.

  3. Due to the group living dynamic, students with special needs, learning challenges, medical, emotional, or behavioral issues may struggle living in a boarding home. It is important that parents disclose this information in the application process in order to help make the best decision for the student.

  4. The majority of our boarders are high school students. Middle school students in grades 7 or 8 may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.  We not accept anyone below grade 7.

  5. Students are expected to abide by the guidelines outlined in Faith Academy’s Code of Conduct and the expectations in the Boarding Home Handbook.