High School Putting the pieces together

High School is the final stretch for students at Faith Academy - it is a time when the skills they have been collecting throughout their schooling are cultivated, challenged, and strengthened. We seek to prepare all students to move into the next stage of their lives knowing they are equipped and capable of success.

In the pursuit of cultivating creative and critical thinkers in the classroom, we want to push our students to analyze, interpret, evaluate and synthesize information, but we also aim to develop them into individuals who search for and integrate God’s truth in all aspects of life. Teachers and staff work to reach these goals through modeling what it looks like to be a lifelong learner. 

The school day has been designed with an emphasis on balancing structured academics with small class sizes and time which allows students to focus on the classes and activities that are most important to their success. As students are taking ownership of their own learning, there are many options for them to take higher level courses and opportunities to connect with teachers when they have questions. We seek to work together, emphasizing individual’s strengths and offering opportunities for leadership and connection.

“There is a genuine desire for our students to succeed and a willingness to do what it takes to help them get there. We recognize, value, and honor our students - we believe their ideas and who they are matter.”
- Mr. Barlow, High school Principal
more than classmates

To foster multi-grade level relationship, discipleship, and community, our High School contains four Houses: Tharseo, Anastasis, Machaira, and Kaio. Students are sorted into houses randomly, and remain in the same house, along with their siblings during their four years in High School. Each House is led by student leaders who are given opportunities to work together planning events, holding contests, leading small groups, and promoting camaraderie. Staff members are also sorted into houses and are responsible for helping to facilitate House Brother/Sister activities and smaller groups within each house called a homeroom.


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