Elementary School Learning in Progress

Our ultimate hope is that each and every Elementary student gains a sense of who they are, believes that they have been created in God’s image, and that He made them to be learners - which means they can succeed in any area they choose.

If you were to visit and walk through our Elementary School wing, you would see curious young learners in classrooms – little fingers learning to cut paper, faces with brows furrowed in concentration as they form shapes that become words, and celebratory smiles when they find the sum to a new math problem. You would also see teachers working alongside students as they reach these daily accomplishments, hardworking and committed teachers who are thoughtful, and aware of individual student needs.

Our desire for elementary students is not simply for students to complete assignments and engage in activities, but to see themselves as artists, thinkers, writers, and mathematicians. We encourage students to begin to know themselves and to become interested and invested in their own learning by teaching them the skills needed to be lifelong learners.

“When students know what comes easily to them and what might require more work, they can become successful, lifelong learners from the earliest stages of their lives.”
- Mrs. Mendoza, Elementary Principal