Middle School a good kind of crazy

Middle School students at Faith Academy are exposed to active, purposeful engagement in the classroom, elective courses, extracurricular activities, and clubs. Our desire is for each student to experience deep academic, spiritual, and social development during their middle years with us.

The first thing that people tend to think about this age level is “crazy”. It might be the high level of energy these students hold, the physical and mental development that the students experience during these years or simply the global reputation of Middle Schoolers. However, it is our view that Middle School is a formative time, overflowing with energy and possibilities.

The unique needs of students at this level are met with a passion for helping them understand more of who they are and how special they are to God – beginning to plant seeds for the coming high school years and into adulthood. Our staff value an active and purposeful relationship in and out of the classroom, and are excited about helping each student learn to know themselves, what they are interested in, and who God wants them to become!

An experience of a lifetime
Outdoor Education is often quoted by graduating seniors as a top highlight from their time at Faith Academy.

The purpose of this annual week is to allow students time for exploration of the beauty of the Philippines, while providing them with an opportunity to venture outside of their comfort zones, learn outside the classroom, and connect with friends, teachers, and God in a new way.

Amazing adventures and learning experiences abound for students participating in Outdoor Education. Students, alongside staff members, are able to spend a day at an active volcano, explore the island ruins of a WWII battle, scuba dive or snorkel in coral reefs, cook outdoors, serve in local churches and schools, learn about sea turtle conservation, and much more. Outdoor Education is designed to rotate geographic locations each year over a three year cycle, affording each student the opportunity to get the most out of each destination.