ELL(English Language Learners)

Faith Academy desires to serve the worldwide missionary enterprise by providing a dynamic, relevant educational option to missionary families regardless of national background or language spoken. We believe that the school is enriched by the different nationalities and cultures that faculty, staff, and students represent at Faith Academy. As such, we value the multicultural interactions of those on campus and view each interaction as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our school community.

Faith Academy continues to develop programs to respond to the educational needs of the increasing number of students in Asia-area missions whose first language is not English, while maintaining our primary language of instruction in English. Our desire is to meet the English language acquisition needs of these students, so they will be able to work in mainstream classrooms without being unduly hindered by language difficulties. We believe the creation of such programs requires the following

  • Widespread promotion of the premise that learning a second language is a developmental, not a remedial task
  • A recognition that learning an additional language for academic purposes can potentially take several years, therefore ELL instruction must address skills related to both CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency) as well as BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills)
  • The need for all teachers to recognize the specific language needs of their curriculum, consequently causing teachers to make a commitment to prepare all lessons in an ELL sensitive manner, using strong, research based instructional strategies
  • Teachers must be offered many opportunities to be trained in ELL support strategies and teaching methodologies
  • To develop the belief and practice that educating ELL students is the responsibility of mainstream teachers and specialists alike
  • Mainstream and ELL specialist teachers must seek ways to collaborate effectively to support ELL students in a variety of ways and contexts
  • A commitment to promote and maintain an effective partnership between school and home